Steve Nichols

Steve Nichols with a McLaren MP4-4 Honda at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Hello .......

In a long  career in motor racing I've been fortunate to work with many of the top teams and the greatest drivers of the the time ........but when all's said and done, I will always be, at heart, a McLaren man.

Steve Nichols with Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost - Steve was Ayrton's race engineer and designer of the McLaren MP4-4


.........I spent two spells there . The first bringing my experience of carbon fibre to the McLaren MP4/1, working alongside John Barnard in a design department initially consisting of just three people!  When John left to go to Ferrari I became Chief Designer and saw at first hand the triumphs and tensions of the Senna/Prost pairing, whilst also acting as Ayrton's race engineer.  I followed Prost to Ferrari,  but returned to McLaren several years later at the request of CEO Martin Whitmarsh in a broad and hugely satisfying role covering all aspects of the F1 team.


The N1A

So when I was looking for a project to keep me amused in my old age, the idea of taking a fresh look at the very first McLaren, the "M1A", had great appeal.  The car is strictly a one-off prototype with all the rough edges that it implies ......... but over time the aim is to turn it into a beautifully finished vehicle worthy of its, and my,  McLaren roots.

If at that stage other people would like similar vehicles, I suppose that is something we could very well consider ....   Steve 

Steve and Ayrton Senna

....Steve was Ayrton's race engineer