Nichols N1A - track-day race car

Modern Engineering


The Nichols N1A is a road-going, track-day race-car ...... a car you can drive competitively on a race track,  but also take for a Sunday afternoon drive.......

McLaren M1A

Nichols N1A - track day at Goodwood race circuit 2019

The design is a modern interpretation of the "McLaren M1A" - the car built by Bruce McLaren in 1964, but using modern components and materials.  Wider and longer, the N1A is a stunning piece of automotive art .... linking the past to today .... modern reliability, but lacking none of its racing pedigree and character.


Nichols N1A - leading a modern Mercedes AMG GT out of the chicane at Goodwood

In a modern World of over-saturated computerisation, the N1A offers the chance to experience real 1960's race-car excitement .... weighing in at 850kg with 530bhp and 500ftlb of torque, the performance is visceral.  There is also a sound-track to stir the soul......... if you are the type of person who turns their head to the roar of a Merlin flying overhead, then you will appreciate our creation.

Sigh for a Merlin

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